Category Committee and Staff

President, Peter Mulherin

Our Chair, Peter Mulherin, has spent his career in and around the built environment and is currently consulting to advance circularity and regenerative business systems that eliminate emissions and other forms of waste.

Secretary, Fiona Murdoch

Our Secretary, Fiona Murdoch, is an ecologist who has worked in the Mallee region of northwest Victoria for over 20 years. Fiona has experience in environmental assessments, legislation and policy, as well as the planning and delivery of biodiversity projects.

Treasurer, Diana Droog

Our Treasurer, Diana Droog, owns the Seawalls Edge Nature Reserve in Toora, South Gippsland. Diana trained as a biochemist, but has had several career changes, including IT, superannuation and business management.

Vice President, Corey Hague

Corey’s background is in journalism and media production, often with an ecological perspective. He has worked for the ABC and as a freelancer for a number of years and now refers to himself as an “off-grid geek”.

Clive Carlyle

Clive has a background in science leadership. He currently has a particular focus on wetland restoration, feral predator control, and targeted revegetation to enhance the biodiversity values on his property in Fyans Creek.

Gavin Wigginton

Gavin has been an active environmentalist for most of his adult life and for 10 years served as Honorary Secretary and board member of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Nowadays, he is an author, specialising in biography and social history.

Penny Richards

Penny is an environmental scientist with qualifications in Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Interpretation and Bushfire Planning. Penny worked for the Victorian Environment Department for 35 years in a variety of roles.

Peter Morison

Peter was a Land for Wildlife Officer, then initiator and Facilitator of Wedderburn Conservation Management Network. He has expertise in planned burning and currently runs his own business in Conservation Management.

Rob Youl

Rob’s background is in forestry, Landcare, networking, project development, fund-raising, training, military engineering, fire management, community events, geology and wetland rehabilitation.