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From Maldon to the Mallee

Covenanted property at Walpeup in the Mallee.
We wanted as natural a piece of bush as possible in the Maldon area and we have probably achieved that. The Walpeup block was purchased simply because we love the Mallee and wanted to have our own small slice of it.

Woodland birds return to Pine Grove

Our goals with the 100 acre Pine Grove property are to respect the indigenous history and to re-establish some understory to bring back some woodland birds. We would dearly love to see Plains Wanderers, Emu, Curlews and Goannas strut this land again.

Sunday Morning Hills

At first sighting, Denise described Sunday Morning Hills as ‘clapped out grazing land’, but we loved it. It has significant Buloke and Mallee forests, as well as large Grey Box and Yellow Gum trees, which are alive with birds, rare orchids, Yam Daisies, kangaroos and kookaburras.